Sports Day: St Johns School, Penge

Standard 8mm film Black & White Mute 1934-1936 15:03

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Summary: This film from Bromley Local Studies and Archives shows scenes of various sports day at St John's Penge. It is thought the film maker may be Mr Cyril Rickert who was local to the Penge area during that time and was know to be a film maker, but this can not be confirmed.


  • P.Weakley wrote on March 15, 2021:
    The church could be the one off Croydon Rd, op Garage, across from Royston School, church was burnt down.
  • Karen wrote on January 8, 2019:
    This looks like Royston fields. It is not St. John’s church. The church in the background looks like the one…
  • ian smith wrote on July 13, 2018:
    I went to Royston Primary School, 1966 until 1972, 'Mr Bannister', Roy Bannister was headmaster. Other teachers I remember:…
  • PH wrote on March 31, 2018:
    I think this is the primary school I went to, it’s confusing as I’ve read 3 different names for it…