Queen Mary's Hospital School

16mm film Black & White Silent 1959 12:00

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Summary: A film made at Queen Mary's Hospital for Children in Carshalton showing the activities engaged in by the patients resident there.


  • SimonSherr wrote on May 30, 2020:
    I was a patient for two years,being discharged in July 1965.The teacher I remember was Mr Addy.He used a walking…
  • JOANNA LUDWISIAK wrote on January 27, 2020:
    I am looking for footage, photographs about dr Isabel Gal. She was a doctor there during 60s and 70s. amazing…
  • Susanne Bouch√© wrote on February 21, 2019:
    I have been looking for Ruth Lina Horwitz who came to England on a Kindertransport in August 1939. She trained…
  • Sheila wrote on November 7, 2018:
    I was there mid 1957-October 1958. May be the girl with the doll.