Lambeth Walk

Standard 8mm film Colour Silent 1960s 5:40

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Summary: SW of London (22 2); SW of London (27).


  • Noreen Lynch wrote on June 1, 2022:
    I lived at 117 Wedgewood House from 1962-1970 so many happy memories , Archbishops Park, Imperial War museum Swimming in…
  • Del Clouter wrote on May 9, 2022:
    Happy memories , Mum Maisie worked in the wool shop with Mrs Meiklejohn early '70s and my sister Jenny worked…
  • DAVID ROBERTSON wrote on October 30, 2018:
    I lived in Wedgewood houseall my childhood,living first at 141 later moving round to number 21 at the later…
  • Denise Keener wrote on September 27, 2018:
    My grandparents lived in Wedgewood hse l spent many years there and in the market when l was 10 l…