Lambeth Walk I

Standard 8mm film Colour Silent 1962 5:15

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Summary: SW of London (22 1), SW of London (26).


  • Valerie Crawley wrote on March 1, 2020:
    The Lambeth Walk was South East London. Not the South West. I was brought up there in Vauxhall street a…
  • Alan Hart wrote on November 15, 2019:
    boy brings back memories. 1:42 thats my 'Nan', Louisa 'Lou' Hart, lived down Fitzalan street next to the chemists at…
  • Vanessa Burton wrote on January 19, 2019:
    I was born in kenninton road 1954 and lived in an old 3 story council house (later demolished…
  • Isabel wrote on February 13, 2018:
    I remember the toy shop so well! Lots of happy memories of going there with my mother. Still have at…