St Mary's Bay

16mm film Black & White Silent c.1953 7:30

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Summary: Scenes from a school holiday trip based at St Mary's Bay Holiday Camp, in St Mary's Bay, Kent, 'the largest camp for Boys & Girls in England'.


  • john booth wrote on August 7, 2018:
    I was 11 years old when I stayed here with St Willibrords school clayton in manchester, july 66.…
  • Bill Griffiths wrote on April 30, 2018:
    I was there with a year 6 party from Lammas School Ealing in 1950. There was also a party…
  • Frank Quinn wrote on March 31, 2018:
    Must have been about 1958 , I remember the food was good . It was the first time I tasted…
  • Mick Bean wrote on February 20, 2018:
    I spent a week there in June 1963 from Parkgate JMI in Watford. I remember the dining hall being infested…