From Greenhill to Marlborough

Standard 8mm film Colour Silent c.1966 18:04

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Summary: A film of primary school life in the 1960s and the move from a Victorian school building to a new modern school.


  • Heidi Barrington wrote on February 10, 2021:
    So many familiar names here commenting. I think we have found the tape of the commentary, just tracking down a…
  • D.BLACKBURN wrote on May 10, 2019:
    I went to Greenhill primary school from 1949 to 1955 , didn't like it much so ran home at…
  • Karen Woodhouse wrote on January 20, 2019:
    I also attended Greenhill Primary and remember Mr Barrington making the film. I was in the same class as…
  • Susan Cranmer wrote on January 9, 2019:
    I certainly remember this! I attended Greenhill Primary School from 1961 to 1967 and was in the top year…