Beauty in the Borough

16mm film Colour Silent 1959 20:57

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Summary: An amateur film of floral colour in Haringey.


  • Michael Howick wrote on May 25, 2020:
    Following my comments on April 27th I wonder if anyone else remembers the early Lotus Sevens being parked in…
  • Michael Howick wrote on May 3, 2020:
    I don't remember the train station, I like the film of the kids playing there. We would walk down the…
  • Michael Howick wrote on April 27, 2020:
    My Mother introduced me to Alexandra Palace and would take me there when I was very young. There was a…
  • Michael Howick. wrote on April 27, 2020:
    I suppose I'm a bit of a Petrol Head. As well as the Lotus Sevens in Muswell Avenue I clearly…