Miss Sharman's Childrens Homes, Sydenham

Standard 8mm film Colour;Black & White Silent 1937 25:04

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Summary: A mixture of black and white and colour film showing the girls of Miss Sharman's Children's Home, an orphanage for girls in Newlands Park, Penge. From the variation in weather it seems the film was made over more than one day. Towards the end of the film there is some text encouraging the audience to donate money to the children which gives the impression that the film was made in order to raise funds.


  • Jennifer ( Buchanan at my time in the home) wrote on January 16, 2019:
    I was in the home from the age of five until nearly ten. The pictures are very evocative, especially the…
  • Caroline Sharman wrote on December 3, 2017:
    Charlotte Sharman was one my late husband’s ancestors.
  • Marilyn kavanagh nee Ball wrote on June 7, 2017:
    I had a friend there in 1954 her name was Carol Dowle I lost touch when they moved .would love…
  • Jane Honey-Green wrote on March 7, 2017:
    My sister and I were in the home from 1946 to 1952 while our mother was in hospital with TB.…