Bank Holiday at High Elms

Standard 8mm film Colour Sound 1971 14:44

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Summary: Amateur film made by or for the Women's Institute of the District of Bromley to commemorate the centenary of the Bank Holiday. The film follows a family on their Bank Holiday day out. The family initially plan to go to Hastings but due to heavy traffic they soon change their minds and choose to join the Jones family at nearby High Elms instead. The day's activities are shown; children play games and run around, and a picnic is had. The film then goes to show people playing golf at High Elms golf course and the children following the High Elms nature trails and exploring the wildlife before returning to the adults who are clearing up their picnic and leave High Elms. The film documents the family's journey home by showing a field of cows, some horse and donkey riders and some road side litter. It also shows a short clip of a traveller encampment before showing the Bromley Common road sign and the film comes to an end.