Croydon in the 1980's, Part 2

Super 8mm film Colour Silent 1983-85 12:27

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Summary: Fairfield Gardens, Croydon Carnival 1983, Beano's Music Store and Grants Department Store, Fire at Christ Church 1985


  • David Harwood wrote on April 16, 2022:
    The fire at a 'factory or warehouse' occurred at the premises of Frank Moore - Egg Merchant - known colloquially…
  • David Harwood wrote on April 15, 2022:
    Could this be a part of 'Films taken by Mr G. F. Bulcraig' - title no. 2036? I knew Raymond…
  • Darren Gomes wrote on February 20, 2020:
    The Grants Bros. department store building didn't get full listed status, it was only the frontage which was listed. …
  • Dave Harwood wrote on August 10, 2019:
    LocalEyes: Location: The 'factory or warehouse' (at 7:04 - 7:21) was located at 167 Handcroft Road, between Sumner Road and Bishops…