St Olave's on Horselydown

16mm film Black & White Sound 1962 40:42

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Summary: A film on the St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School.


  • Alan Sharp wrote on February 2, 2020:
    My years at the school were 1959 to 1966. I remember this film being made. We were instructed to take…
  • Ben FALAT (1964-71) wrote on June 4, 2017:
    During the first week (month?) of my time at the school (Sep'64) another boy was killed in an accident. He ran…
  • Ben FALAT (1964-71) wrote on June 4, 2017:
    Desmond Swinburn (Credits below, for Musical direction) was Music master at the school. During an early lesson on entry we all…
  • Peter (Bill) Tickner, St Olave's 1963-1971 wrote on July 16, 2016:
    This is my old school, the year before I went there. Except for the brass band, all the masters…