S.E.18: Impressions of a London Suburb

16mm film Black & White Sound 1950s-1960s 43:56

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Summary: Woolwich scenes: the Queen Mother's visit; football; Woolwich Arsenal; the free ferry; shopping and gym; night life - pubs, cinema, theatre, beat club; the Royal Artillery; St Mary Magdalene Church; gambling; getting married; housing issues; parks; political life; education; commuting. Largely filmed in 1964, but also contains some earlier footage, prints and still photos.


  • Deborah Turrell wrote on October 13, 2019:
    I was born at the Memorial hospital in 1958, lived on the “Shooters Hill slopes” & around the area until…
  • Robert Wilson wrote on January 26, 2019:
    This film was great, thank you so much. I remember Charlton's Ground just like in the film and Crown Woods…
  • Margaret Crawford wrote on November 12, 2018:
    Lovely reading about Coldharbour estate remember the Queen opening Greenacres school we lived at 19 Witherston way we moved there…
  • Bob Davis wrote on June 15, 2018:
    Re: St. Mary’s Church. Correction to Dierdre’s last post – Bob Hughes was not the brother of Ted Hughes the poet.…