Richmond 1: 1955-1968

Standard 8mm film unknown Unknown 1955-1968 19:41

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Summary: The film starts off with a line of stationary traffic going westbound on the Lower Richmond Road (A316). We see a sinpost for the B353 (Manor Rd is south, Sandycombe Rd is north). The vehicles we see are cars, vans, bicycles and a motorcycle with sidecar.

We see a view of Grade 2 listed Twickenham Bridge (opended in 1933, art deco design, the architect was Maxwell Ayrton) and Twickenham Rd (A316) looking north-east bound.

We see shots of the River Thames, Richmond Lock, Corporation Island. There are shots of 'The Castle Restaurant' and Richmond Bridge.

We see a scene of a high street and the shops that can be seen include Weiss, Barratts (shoes), John Temple (tailors)

We see the Bishop's Hotel (50 Sheen Road) which is now called the Richmond Inn Hotel

We see a shot of the Hickey's Almhouses (1834) which are located just off the Sheen Road (A305)

The next shot is taken on the Lower Mortlake Road (A316) at the junction of Sandycombe Rd (B353) and we can see The Beacon Garage which is now a BP petrol station.

We see a shot of a second hand car forecourt and then a close up of the sign of The Beehive pub, followed by exteriors of 2 other pubs which are not recognisable

We see several shots of a cricket match in Old Deer Park followed by archery. Next we see the Pagoda in Kew Gardens and a lake with people sitting around it

There are then a few minutes of shots of horse driving (with wagons), which includes horses walking backwards and forwards under the control of a driver.

There is a brief shot of an illustration for Martonair House and exterior of the building being built - this is 128 St Margarets Road, Twickenham.

There are a couple of shots of poeple walking over Richmond Bridge with the Odeon cinema clearly in the background

We see the exterior of a boat club and some rowers, rowing on the River Thames

Several films combined into one reel: Richmond (1955 and 1956) including the new Hartonair Office; the river at Ham (1957); O.D.P. (?) site of new baths (1959); Parrshot and Petersham Woods (1959); Richmond Station, Parkshot, Green Theatre (1959); Old hou


  • Dr Paul Flewers wrote on August 23, 2019:
    I think that the pubs on the film after 5' 00" are The Richmond Arms (I think that's its name,…