Motherland: A Play Developed by Vauxhall Manor School for Girls, London

VHS unknown Unknown 3.1983 75:00

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Summary: The play is based on 23 women's testimonies about their experience of migrating to Britain from the Caribbean in the 1950s. It was first performed at Oval House Theatre on 9 July 1982. The video was made eight months later.


  • Angela Gregoire wrote on July 20, 2020:
    My name was Angela Gayle and I was a cast member.
  • Marcia Van-Loo wrote on February 13, 2020:
    Hello Diana. Hello Doreen. This is Marcia Van-Loo formerly Smith, remembering a great experience working with Elyse…
  • Dorothy wrote on November 27, 2018:
    My name is Dorothy (Doreen Brown) I was also one of the cast members.
  • Dorothy wrote on July 29, 2018:
    My name is Doreen Brown (Dorothy) I was one of the cast members also.