The Development of Mark's Gate Housing Estate

16mm film Black & White Silent 1951 - 1962 20:32

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Summary: Film covers the building of the Mark's Gate Estate from June 1951 to 28 October 1962.


  • Paul Hewson wrote on February 12, 2018:
    My Dad lived as we did at 15 Lawn Farm Grove for 47 years ,changed a lot over the years…
  • Pat Keen was Fagg wrote on January 11, 2018:
    Moved to Marks Gate in 1953 aged 8 lived in Crabtree Avenue this is a wonderful record of that time…
  • Anon wrote on November 8, 2017:
    born 1952 and lived on Rose Lane in first council houses built after the war.I can remember the o.a.p.bungalows being…
  • Anon wrote on June 12, 2017:
    I moved to the Billet Road on the Marks Gate Estate in 1958 - aged less than a year. …