Journeys: Whitechapel Video Show

helical scan open-reel videotape Black & White Sound 1976 60:00

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Summary: Installation for the exhibition 'Journeys' Video Work at the Whitechapel Art Gallery April-May 1976. First shown at Whitechapel on three simultaneous monitors: 'Tape one will relay nature and intervention, tape two, the journey to the East End, and tape three, the stories and experiences of the people who now live here'. (1) From the countryside to the city; (2) Ferry and road to Aldgate East; (3)[A] Four tailors from Cyprus (now in Puma Court); (4)[B] Violet Lotte Spink, lady from China v/o above; (5)[C] Alfie, retired civil servant now in Toynbee Hall; (6) short repeat of no. 2.