Uxbridge Bed Race

VHS Colour Sound 10.06.1984 83:18

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Summary: Amateur video record of Uxbridge's annual charity bed race.


  • Jo Southwell wrote on July 16, 2018:
    Wow amazing to watch some of this - I grew up in The Crown and Sceptre!
  • Mike this is Nora ex landlady from Crown & Scepter, my son Phillip sent me info re Crown & Scepter if I can be of any help please contact me ., I wiuld love to help if possible. Regards Nora . ( Sadly Alan has passed away. Nora. wrote on July 16, 2018:
    Mike I would like to help with your film if I can , as you may know I now live…
  • Dez Webb. wrote on June 22, 2017:
    Organised by Charlie Mitchel (CEM Brickworks) Dave Rayner and Brian Sunden, all of whom appear on the film. I am…