Uxbridge Past and Present

VHS Colour Sound 1992 35:36

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Summary: Film taken c1968-1973 of Uxbridge redevelopment and new film of 1991.


  • G.Seston wrote on February 17, 2019:
    Someone in the planning department should be taken to task and be held accountable for the destruction of a lovely…
  • Clare wrote on January 7, 2019:
    So sad to see the wonderful old buildings of Uxbridge before it was blighted with new buildings. I remember the…
  • Bruce Hanson wrote on October 11, 2018:
    Being part of an old Uxbridge family there is something rather sad in watching this film as it reminds me…
  • Phil Bullock wrote on August 1, 2018:
    I was brought up in Uxbridge in the 50's and have fond memories of it. It is now an eyesore…