Anna Goes to Hospital

16mm film Black & White Sound 1956 33:00

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Summary: TC Anna goes to hospital

Shot of countryside with suburban houses in the background. Closeup of milk float and milk man delivering milk. He is inside delivering up a block of flats. Man reading a "foreign' [Hungarian] newspaper -wife prepares breakfast and checks in on daughter-Anna-who is sleeping with a cat on bed. Her mother (Maria)pops the cat outside who drops it's playball on step and collects the milk. Couple have a gentle disagreement over breakfast-Maria leaves the flat trips on the playball and screams as she falls down the stairs. Husband hears the fall and rushes out to attend and neighbours come out to help. Maria is conscious and neighbours discuss what happened to a friend who fell down the stairs and discuss calling 999. They knock on another neighbours door and request help in calling 999. A man comes out and a discussion takes place. The women take care of Maria and the man goes on to call 999 without his trousers and is stopped by a Policeman. An Ambulance arrives with two crew members to attend. The two neighbours talk to the Ambulance crew and a debate takes place if they can take Maria to hospital. We learn that Maria and her husband are Hungarian refugees. Anna the daughter is getting dressed and is attended by the neighbours and she learns about her mother's fall. The neighbour makes her breakfast, Neighbours gather to see Maria off in the Ambulance,

The two neighbours discuss looking after Anna-who has slipped out taking the Cat in her doll pram and heads towards the Hospital. She runs down a High Street (post work Harrow) and past houses, two dogs bark at her and she runs past them. She enters the grounds of the hospital (Edgware General Hospital) and enters into a Porters Lodge-we overhear a Porter discussing-in a comedic vein-the admission times for various illnesses-over the telephone. Anna speaks to the Porter who asks for her 'Hospital Card' the Porter greets regulars to visitors in a comedic tone. Anna helps an elderly deaf Lady and gets past the Porter. The two neighbours arrive in search of Anna. A neighbour alls in the grounds and can't get up. Her friend stops a Nurse and asks for help-but she cannot help and neither can a porter-both of which are too busy. Anna walks past too clinics looking for her mother-she enters the gynaecological unit to be greeted by a mother who hands over her baby and asks Anna to look after it for a moment. Anna takes the babies bottle and gives it to the cat. The two neighbours reach outpatients for help and sit down. A Doctor looks a the injured neighbours leg and orders a bandage X Ray and then to 'Get rid of her.' The Nurse bandages the leg while a Neighbour gives advice on how it should be done.

Anna takes the bottle out of the Cat's mouth and pops it back in the baby's mouth as the Mother returns.

Anna wanders in and out of Wards looking for her mother becoming distressed. A Doctor tries to help but can't understand her. Anna followings the Doctor into the pathology unit. Anna tries to take a Guinea Pig but is stopped. The Doctor speeds up trying to lose Anna but she keeps following.

The injured Neighbour is now in the wheelchair-spot Anna and give chase. We see the X Ray department where the Doctor and Anna enter, Anna goes into the X Ray department hiding behind the screen while patients come in. The two neighbours look for Anna while she leaves out the back. A comedy scene with the Neighbours and the Radiologist with the message 'it's free on the NHS.'

In a hallway Anna is seen looking enviously at the Tea Lady and Trolley who enters a children's ward. Anna sits down at a table with other children while lunch is served. The Doctor seen previously enters and looks at Anna who leaves. The Doctor passes Anna onto a Nurse who seeks to understand what Anna is saying in Hungarian-The Doctor enquires if any foreign admissions have been made that morning and is advised by the Sister that a woman has been admitted,

They take Anna to be reunited with her mother, Her mother has also given birth. Happily reunited Anna leaves her mother and return home with her pram and cat.