Barking and Dagenham Town Show 1965

Standard 8mm film Colour Mute 1965 5:20

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Summary: Barking and Dagenham Town Show parade, with the carnival queen, floats and marching bands.


  • Pam winmill wrote on September 14, 2017:
    Im the girl riding the bike that looks like a wagon
  • Anon wrote on February 22, 2017:
    Depending on whether this was the Dagenham Town Show Carnival or the Barking Carnival. I was Playleader…
  • Christine wrote on February 21, 2017:
    My dad drove a float in the 60s for barking carnival it was the old woman who lived in a…
  • Eric Feasey wrote on October 23, 2015:
    Austins of East ham float, though it's called Austins of East ham they also had a large factory down Abbey…