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On this page you’ll find information on how you can take part in sharing, supporting and enriching London’s historic moving image collections.



Get involved with London’s Screen Archives’ and The New Black Film Collective’s exciting new project, Undocumented. Undocumented seeks to address the lack of Black stories in London’s screen archives, and we will be running a programme of screenings and events throughout the year with the support of the BFI, awarding National Lottery funding.

Do you have you have any home movies or other films that you think should be preserved for generations to come? If you would like to get involved in Undocumented contact us on or 0207 613 7674, or sign up to our newsletter and watch this space for upcoming events.

Events coming up:

2 July | 7-9pm – Cold Islanders Film Club screening ‘The Harder They Come’ (Certificate 15)

Join Cold Islanders for a screening of the iconic 70’s movie, ‘The Harder They Come’ staring Jimmy Cliff, Janet Bartley and Carl Bradshaw. Hang around afterwards for a game of cards, dominoes and a chance to lime with other film enthusiasts.


5 July | 6pm – One Love Film Screening (certificate 12)

Join London’s Screen Archives and Dr. Etienne Joseph, Hackney Archives Manager, for an exploration of Hackney’s collections and some films from the archive. Etienne is an archivist, researcher and producer, who specialises in working with African and African-Caribbean archives and the communities that give life to them.

This event is free and will be taking place at St Michael and All Angels Church (55 Fountayne Rd, London N16 7ED)


12 July | 4pm – Dr. June Givanni, PanAfrican Cinema Archives screening and discussion

Join Dr. June Givanni, Film Curator and archivist of the PanAfrican Cinema Archives, for an exploration of this extensive collection and some films from the archive. Dr. June Givanni is a leading film curator in Pan African Cinema, with a career spanning more than 40 years. The June Givanni PanAfrican Cinema Archive is a living archive, containing a unique collection of artefacts and archival material which at its core seeks to foreground African and diasporic cinema.

This event is free and will be taking place at St Michael and All Angels Church (55 Fountayne Rd, London N16 7ED)


16 July | 7-9pm – Cold Islanders Film Club screening ‘Dancehall Queen’ (Certificate )

Join us for this film evening we will be watching indie Jamaican movie ‘Dancehall Queen.’ You’re welcome to lime, chat and play some cards post film.

Street vendor Marcia (Reid) is scraping together a living in the ghetto section of Kingston, Jamaica. Her young daughter is being hounded by a rich sugar daddy who has been supporting the family; her brother’s life is being threatened by a local thug. So, when the licentious patron threatens to abandon the family, and her brother breaks down under pressure, Marcia seeks refuge in the beats of the very dance hall outside of which she normally vends.


2 August | 6pm – Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess (TBC) screening and discussion

Join us for a one-hour documentary-film from director Roy T. Anderson on one of the most celebrated, but least recognised heroines in the resistance history of the New World. This is the story of the incredible resistance movement of the Jamaican Maroons, led by the indomitable 18th century military genius, Nanny of the Maroons – National Hero of Jamaica. 

This event is free and will be taking place at St Michael and All Angels Church (55 Fountayne Rd, London N16 7ED)


6 August | 6pm – Cold Islanders Film Club screening a selection of shorts 

Immerse yourself in the stories of local Caribbean filmmakers. Cold Islanders will be handing the screen and stage over to artists showcasing their short films. The evening will also feature a short Q&A with the films Directors. Enjoyment will continue to be feed via a DJ and chance to connect with film enthusiasts and creatives post screenings. films TBA

Audience viewing film on KinoVan

Screenings and archive packages

London’s Screen Archives can come to you with a bespoke programme of classic home movies, silent-era newsreels and stunning amateur footage, all specially curated to delight your audience. In the past we’ve work with the Museum of London, Chocolate Films, the Thames Festival Trust, and a wide range of schools, museums and libraries to curate archive packages that awe and inspire. Get in touch to find out more.  


Super 8mm films in hand

Donating films

From professional productions to amateur home movies, London’s Screen Archives considers all moving image precious and we want to work with you to preserve it. If you have a collection of films or even just a single tape or digital file that you think may be of interest, please complete this form and we will get back to you. Even if your donation does not fit the network’s collection policy, in many cases we will be able to provide you with advice on what to do next.

LSA moving image donation form


Group on Vespas


Join our gang of online cataloguers. On any film’s record page on this site you can add information to our records or provide a more in-depth catalogue entry by clicking the icon. All entries are reviewed before publication; you’ll find a selection of films where we need your help on our LocalEyes page.


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Job Opportunities and Volunteering

All job opportunities with London’s Screen Archives are advertised on the Film London Job Opportunities page. Any jobs, volunteering, and training opportunities will be announced in our monthly newsletter.