Get Involved

The strength of London’s Screen Archives is its network.

The more people and partners that are involved, the more opportunities there are for London’s screen heritage to be discovered and enjoyed. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you’d like to get involved.


A travelling cinema-in-a-van – the ‘KinoVan’ – is out and about bringing specially curated programmes of home movies, classic newsreels and old public information films themed around different areas of London. Click here to find out where the KinoVan will be pitching up next.

The KinoVan can also come to you! Email us to book a screening at With enough notice we can even curate a special bespoke programme, with a theme or of a specific part of London, for you.

Donate your films

Share your own home movie and films of London by donating them to the London’s Screen Archives network, and ensure that these invaluable records of our past will be preserved and seen for many generations to come.

Find out more here!

Financial support

We are always looking for new means of financial support and welcome contributions. Film London is a registered charity so donations can form part of your corporate social responsibility. If you are interested in supporting our work – perhaps by making a film accessible through digitisation, or funding a screening or event – do contact us at