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How to Archive a Film: Moving Image Digital Preservation

Tutor: David Walsh – FIAF Training and Outreach Coordinator, formerly Head of Digital Collections at the Imperial War Museums

The day will begin by a look at the technologies used historically to capture and record moving images and sound, and will discuss how these can be problematic for the long-term preservation of the content. Strategies for preserving such material either by conservation or by migration to new media will then be considered, in particular assessing the legitimacy of new versions as accurate representations of the original, as well as looking at the practicalities of preservation for different types of original media.

We will then move on to the management and preservation of digital media itself, starting with some of the basics of digital technology and how it is used to represent moving images and sound, and covering among other things file formats, compression, and data rates. Consideration will be given to the wide range of digital formats used for moving media, and their suitability for preservation and for access, addressing the question of whether camera formats used by present-day filmmakers might jeopardise a work’s survival in the long term. The established principles of a trustworthy digital repository will then guide us in examining how in practical terms the digital assets in our collections, whether created through digitisation or born-digital, can be safely acquired, preserved for posterity, and made accessible to users.

The price of the course is £65, including lunch and materials.

For further details of the programme please contact David Whorlow on 020 7613 7674 or Members of London’s Screen Archives have a separate allocation and should contact David directly to book.

Date And Time:

Thu, 5 December 2019
10:00 – 16:00 GMT


London Metropolitan Archives
40 Northampton Rd

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