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School Sports Day 1955; London Zoo Aug 1955; Ruislip Lido 1955

9m 40s


From egg-and-spoon races during the school sports day, to the local lido via London Zoo, this film captures a young London family on their outings in 1955.

A home movie showing the Lawford family enjoying a sports day, a day out at London Zoo and Ruislip Lido.

A community sports day on a sunny day (possibly Sunday school?), we see a green field track and the children taking part in a number of races (sprint, egg-and-spoon, three-legged) before proud parents by the finishing line. Alan is seen in the egg-and-spoon race. Glynis is seen skipping preparing for the race, as is a number of other school girls. Other children are also getting ready for the events.

A group of young boys is involved in a race where they pick up objects at different stages of the course before sprinting to the finishing line. They are encouraged by adults along the way.

We see the skipping race featuring the girls seen earlier warming up for the race.

An aerial view of a small back garden with a small allotment at the back. We see the children with Mrs Lawford and their grandfather. The garden is extremely well kept, and the children walk carefully around the path. The children are seen brushing the paving path and hamming it up for the camera. They play in the garden, and Glynis enjoys her skipping, although she seems a little annoyed at her younger brother for stealing her limelight.

A scene at London Zoo on a warm sunny day, the children are placed on top of a camel and enjoy a ride around the zoo. Mum directs the children into a horse-drawn cart and Glynis waves at the camera. She is very smartly dressed with white gloves.

The children enjoy ice lollies and then a range of activities at the zoo, including the petting zoo, pony rides and meeting a number of animals with their keepers. Glynis gets to meet a chimpanzee and an elephant which had trodden on her foot earlier.

The children enjoy a drink at the water fountain.

David is wearing red swimming trunks and Glynis is in the background with her friend at Ruislip Lido. Glynis and her friend are practising swimming strokes while holding on to the rope that designates the children's area in the Lido. A variety of scenes feature the children enjoying themselves in the water.

Afterwards they eat their packed lunches, and join Mrs Lawford who is sitting in a deck chair. Once they finish their sandwiches they are back in the water, practising front crawl and continuing to enjoy the water.

Glynis and her friend are now on a rowing boat, viewed over the shoulder of Mr Lawford.

A woman stands in the doorway of the Lawford family house leading to the backyard, the grandfather comes into view leading David and another small boy into the garden. There is a group shot of Mrs Lawson, the grandfather and the woman with Gynis and David and three friends.

The children play ring-a-ring-a roses in the back garden enjoying the sunny day watched by the adults.

The children pose and wave to the camera and the enjoy a final game, while Mrs Lawson talks to her neighbour at the back door.

Further information

From the Lawford family films collection. Three siblings are featured, David, Alan and Glynis. Mr Lawford worked for Kodak.

According to the Borough notes, this is possibly the first film shot by Mr Lawford.

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A Nation of Animal Lovers


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On 14 January 2018, Peter said:
Thank you for sharing this film takes me back to my younger school days, but it would have been nice to know the name of the school where the sports day as was held, and what happen films to the film on the day trips to London Zoo and Ruislip Lido.

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Alan Lawford; Glynis Lawford; David Lawford; Mr Lawford; Mrs Lawford


United Kingdom; England; London; Harrow / United Kingdom; England; London; Hillingdon / United Kingdom; England; London; Regent's Park



Animal; Sport


Archive name Format LSA ID Archive's identifier Sound
Harrow Local History Library 16mm film LSA26113 Mute
Available from Harrow Local History Library on 16mm film
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