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Richard Purver (Chair, Publications Sub-committee, SDCT)  wrote about Southgate, Middlesex, England, in the Year 1950:
“This film is available to purchase as a DVD from Southgate District Civic Trust, under the title 'Southgate - A Glimpse of the Past'.”
Richard Purver (Chair, Publications Sub-committee, SDCT)  wrote about Southgate: A Half Century of Change:
“This film was made by Southgate District Civic Trust and is available as a DVD which can be purchased from them (see website).”
John Parker (HCS 1959 - 1966) S/Sgt i/c Signals  wrote about Harrow County School (?):
“From a copy of "Cadet" magazine, the annual publication of the Harrow County School Combined Cadet Force, this film can be dated precisely to 14 May 1964. The Inspecting Officer was Air Commodore J B Coward. I can supply more details if desired.”
John Parker (HCS 1959 - 1966) S/Sgt i/c Signals  wrote about Harrow County School (?):
“To be more accurate it will have been an Annual Inspection and Review not a Field Day. Field Days involved practical exercises in training areas, not in the school grounds.

There are many well-known faces in this sequence including Dr A R Simpson (Headmaster), Mr W Duke (Deputy Headmaster) and Major M Venn. It would need to be able to examine frame by frame to identify all the key personnel.”

“My name is Dorothy (Doreen Brown) I was also one of the cast members. ”
John Russell  wrote about Belmont School, Harrow Weald:
“Very interesting footage of my old school which is now a housing site. I attended Belmont between 1957 and 1962. I think the film in black and white was before 1959 possibly mid 50's ? I recognised some of the school masters Mr Westlake was the sports master doing the gymnastics and Mr Rodemark was the woodwork master ( I seem to recall that he was a prisoner of the Japanese during WW2 ) I also recognised a number of members of staff in the colour film - Mr Forbes ( Engineering master) , Mr Patinson (Biology- and First Aid - making the announcements at sports day which I think were held at Honeypot Lane near Cannons Park ) Mr Dix ( English Teacher) Mr Davies ( My form master and Maths teacher) Mr Anderson (Technical Drawing and Deputy Head Master - driving the Ford Zodiac) and the Head Master presenting The trophies-( Mr Heygate ? )”
Barry T  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“My father was born in Muswell Hill and lived in Bound Green until he married my Mum in 1950. They moved into a top floor flat in Church Crescent in Muswell Hill and shared part of the house with his brother and wife.
I was born in 1951 and in 1965, I went to Muswell Hill Junior School (known as Tinpot). In 1959, we moved to Creighton Avenue and I went to Norfolk House school and my sister went to Tetherdown.
I remember going to the Odeon and Saturday morning pictures, the Ritz cinema at the top of Muswell Hill and the Rex in East Finchley. We used to play on the disused railway line and toboggan down the slopes in Alley Pally.
Swimming at Durnsford Road Pool and having Bovril from the cafe.
Lovely place to live .”
“Michael Murray, a Silversmith, was a subject in a series episode circa. 1973 called ‘Silver in the City’.”
John Allen (HCS 1958-1966)  wrote about Harrow County School (?):
“Harrow County Grammar School for Boys - to be more exact!
Almost certainly early 60's - 62 or 63?
I'm in the RAF-CCF Precision (?) Drill Squad, and a couple of friends (we're still in touch and still talking!!) are in the Pipe & Drum Band.
“My grandfather grew up on Mosell Ave. tried to find the house a few years ago but it was gone. Perhaps during the war? Last name Evans.”

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