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Shirley Ashdown  wrote about Three Towns Pageant:
“I was in this pageant. I worked at Bentalls store. I was in the Jousting scene, and also the Market. I remember quite a lot about it and have a programme somewhere. I also have a photo of me sitting on the police horse Angela King Henry was played by a man who was a Master bowman of England. each scene was played by a different organisation. I think one of the later court scenes by Kingston Art School. Queen Mary came to one performance and her driver let us sit in her car. The weather was glorious and we all had a fantastic time. ”
DW  wrote about The Wards of Woolwich:
“A fascinating look at the borough as it emerged from the war devastation and began to build for the future. I believe footage at 16.45 may be of the new development of Coldharbour Estate. The road sign is difficult to decipher but maybe Partridge Green? 16.33 looks like Witherston Way and 17.00 Leasdale. 26.39 and up to 27.07 shows the stage that used to stand on the island to the left of the Tudor Barn in Well Hall Pleasance and I remember dancing on it as a child when I was a Hilda Showell's Sunbeam. ”
Roy Wayre  wrote about Market Futures:
“I remember making this film, it was an interesting piece of work and went well as part of the schools studies.”
M clark  wrote about Druids Heath School (APDS):
“Was there in the late 70s for 5yrs it was the best home I went to, I especially liked the swimming pool and the go carting not to mention the canoeing. Great life”
Damian Fowler  wrote about Miss Sharman's Childrens Homes, Sydenham:
“My mother Doreen Warwicker along with 3 of her sisters were brought up at Miss Sharmans homes after 1938, her friends at the home were Ellen Fisher & Joy Pearce”
“Very evocative, especially seeing the teachers through the ages, before and after my time at WCS (1949-1956)”
Richard Ritchie  wrote about Songs of Praise and Prayers from Harrow School:
“I was a treble in the school harmony choir. We were expecting the programme to be recorded, but Churchill died on the day, if I remember correctly, and therefore it was broadcast live. I have a photograph of the entire choir of that period, with their Nam's.”
Mo McBreen  wrote about Seatbelt Sense:
“Road safety basics haven't changed at all. I love the vintage fashions and the way he gets the point across. The laws of physics dont change either.”
“Surbiton Lagoon in Berrylands.
Carnival parade of floats - possibly A3 past Berrylands
Footage of Thames near Kingston - view Harts Boatyard.
Aircraft - possibly Hawker?
View of Kingston Bridge past roundabout from Hampton Wick side.”
“Congratulations to Pam on a brilliant film. I was at the school from 1948 until 1956, and saw so many familiar faces, particularly among the teaching staff. What loyal service they gave to the school over so many years, some of which were extremely challenging.”

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