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C Ridley  wrote about Southgate Celebrates the Coronation:
“Hello. Southgate mayor Charles Ridley who is, according to the description, one of the dignitaries in attendance at the ceremony, was my grandfather.”
London's Screen Archives  wrote about Two Schools:
“Thank you for your comment! We're currently working on making the film available on the LSA website. In the meantime, you can watch it here:”
jacqueline Hampden,nee,Woodfall  wrote about S.E.18: Impressions of a London Suburb:
“That brought back so many memories,my Dad worked at the Arsenal,he was a tool maker,he went on to Fort Halstead.Ialso remember the old ferries used to love going back and to on them. The undercover market and the open one with the old tram lines. Lived for a short while near Woolwich Dockyard ,”
“This is incredible. I had no idea this film existed.I left the school in 1954 and certainly remember the Head Mr Pardy and the Music Master Mr Sparks. I played cricket for Kent at this time and am desperately trying to recognise myself in the film. Such a pity that all this has now gone”
John Murphy  wrote about Two Schools:
“I was in the Southfields school segments in this film and have it in my diary that they filmed us in a Maths and Arts class on 2 separate days during March 1974. I have been discussing it with old classmates who were also featured and we would all love to see this film again. I looked on your archive here but it is not up here ? Do you still have the archive of the film ? and if so , would it be possible to put it up so we can all see ourselves again , aged 14!!! ”
Rodney Jones  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“I was also one thefirst pupils at Rokesly juniors, born 1945 lived in Broadway parade no 20 my dad owned the greengrocers there P.Jones”
Rodney Jones  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“My mum & dad owned the greengrocers in Broadway parade number 20 P.Jones, i went to school at Rokesly infants, then the new junior school inthe 50s lived in park rd. Swimming pool nearly allthe 6wks. holidays was a great place to live as a kid, also went to crouch end secondary modern only good thing there was metal work trouble was it only lasted my frist year, had some laughs though now live in Rayleigh Essex, trouble is you can't go back any one remember the coffee bar opposite the pool was it the double 7.”
Nigel Mathewson  wrote about Steam Engines and Station:
“This is the small station at Weston-s-Mare (Ashcombe Rd) |This part of the track is now a cycle path. Signage boards have been erected by the WC&P railway group at the three main stations. Further ones are planned.
Anon  wrote about Quick Change:
“My name is Stephen Glover and I used to work at 9/11 when it was a decimal training branch as a white coat before I became a an assistant manager at 68 Croydon
then Central Croydon.
bernadette Keane  wrote about Miss Sharman's Childrens Homes, Sydenham:
“My mother was a child in this wonderful home and said it was a caring place with so many fond memories she leanrt great domestic skills which served her well for the rest of her life ,after watching this I felt i understood my mother more ,sadly she passed away 6 years ago ,her name was Barbara Mary Ward born 1936 ,She shared such great memories of the staff matrons etc with us and Im truley grateful for her attending here as she passed on to her children such good morals and teachings.”

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