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Susan Cranmer  wrote about From Greenhill to Marlborough:
“I certainly remember this! I attended Greenhill Primary School from 1961 to 1967 and was in the top year (now known as year 6) when the move to Marlborough happened. I was one of the pupils who helped box everything up at Greenhill School, came into school during the Easter holiday to load the moving lorries, and then biked down to the Marlborough School site to help unload and unpack. The film was made by Mr Barrington, father of my friend Heidi and I have often wondered if a copy still existed.
In addition to the film, the move was also recorded in a wall hanging designed by our teacher Mrs Millet and made by us. It was hung in the main hall at Marlborough School.”
“This looks like Royston fields. It is not St. John’s church. The church in the background looks like the one opposite kentwood boys school. ”
Clare  wrote about Uxbridge Past and Present:
“So sad to see the wonderful old buildings of Uxbridge before it was blighted with new buildings. I remember the old Uxbridge library being demolished needlessly. The civic centre has to be the most hideous building in existence. RAF Uxbridge is now a green space being over taken by ugly towers and lego look, tiny houses. What happened to all the trees?”
Anon  wrote about North Cray:
“My dad took this film of the north cray church fete and the scenes around the area
Alison Wood ”
Molly Finch  wrote about Hounslow Town Centre - The Way Ahead:
“Hounslow High St was a thriving, bustling Hight Street when i lived nearby as a child in the 50s. I visited recently (2014) and was shocked to find the High St was practically deserted - lots of boarded up shops and pound shops. I asked in an ethnic grocers where the High St had gone to - he replied that pedestrianisation had killed it off.”
“The drummer in the orchestra is Michael Laine who went on to become a bass and drums player in some of the larger orchestras. Also in the fourth Erith scout group which is where I knew him.”
“Looking for Marsha Varrow. Marion Payne. Sandra Townsend Rosalin Townsend.Jenny Sullivan (one eye)

Tom Holloway  wrote about Scouting Days Episode 12 1965:
“I joined the 20th Fulham as a cub in 1940 and at age 11 'went up' to the scouts. It was a thriving and energetic group under our skippers Harry Carpenter and Vin Heathcote. My last year - at age 15 - was as a sixer with the Stag Patrol, with John Dutch, Peter Gardiner, and Kenny Birchall and a couple of others. ”
L Evans  wrote about Mountview High School: The Video:
“I left in 1979. I can not remember the teachers. I do remember old friends back then. Paul Crisp, Mark Leahy, Imran Kalied. ”
Alex McGrey  wrote about Danson Park:
“I think the camera lingers over the exterior of the park's manor house of Danson Mansion and moves about its formal garden beds and grounds”

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