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“Amy is my granny's cousin and I've never seen the footage, it's wonderful to see, I've passed it on to my dad... I'm sure he will be very happy to see this”
Daniel Wright  wrote about Queen Mary's Hospital School:
“I was in Queen Mary's Hospital in 1955 with Rheamatic Fever, I was Transferred from St Andrews Hospital in Bow. E3. I remember a child there who had Polio, and was in a Iron Lung.. but he painted some great pictures with his teeth, also a small boy from India, who had lost his legs and a arm in a Railway Accident in India, I also had my tonsils out while there. After I left, I went ti the Christmas parties they had for old patients..”
“I attended this school 1955-59 and remember Mr "Peanut" Pardy the headmaster, Mr Sparks the music teacher, and Mr Price the sports master. Also, Mr Morley Rhys who was my form master for a number of years - great man! Great too see the buildings as they were - very fond memories of my time there.”
“I don't know about the film but my parents business was in the Jersey parade called ''Jersey fruit stores'' I lived there until I was 11, I still have the old postcard somewhere that shows my dad's old Bedford van parked outside.
I worked in 2 different places in Hounslow high street during the late 60's”
Anita Frawley  wrote about Lambeth Walk:
“My grand parents lived off the Lambeth Walk and mickeljohn was my favourite shop along with the ice cream parlour ”
Andy Duckett MBE  wrote about ARP Film:
“I have recently purchased Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 1, Personal Protection Against Gas. The book has several ink stamps of M.B.S.N. ARP Department. It has numerous pencil notes which I believe to be lecture prompts written by a Margaret E Noval, with the number 00/872. Could this possibly be the woman at the beginning of the film?”
Sarah Thomas nee Bromley  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“I lived with my family in Queen's Mansions, on the corner of Queen's Avenue and Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill in the late 50's. There was a sweet shop on the corner. Half expected to see my parents pop up in this wonderful footage! ”
Dez Webb.  wrote about Uxbridge Bed Race:
“Organised by Charlie Mitchel (CEM Brickworks) Dave
Rayner and Brian Sunden, all of whom appear on the film. I am still in touch with one of the pushers on the Turks Head bed, and still live in Uxbridge. ”
Rebecca Crawley  wrote about Kelvedon (RESN):
“My nan was At Farm Hill In 1948 With her twin brother as her mother died I would love to view this video and any other that is associated With this place around late 1940 and so would my nan and her brother Thankyou”
“I moved to the Billet Road on the Marks Gate Estate in 1958 - aged less than a year. Amazing to stumble on this film! ”

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