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brian  (a LocalEyes cataloguer) wrote about Fire! October 1963:
“one of the fire appliances leaving , has what looks like the number 26 on the side , which was B26 which was Bethnal green fire station
Jan Toms  (a LocalEyes cataloguer) wrote about Topical Budget: Horses New Year’s Feast, Cricklewood (1913):
“I was hoping that there might be a glimpse of Pauline Cranstoun in the film. I am currently researching her life and would be very pleased to receive any information available. On her death she left her property and her assets to the farm for the cause of animal welfare. Any early images of the farm, and any pictures of Pauline would be welcome.”
Dave  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“Amazing, I lived and was born in Priory Avenue opposite Priory Park, those kids in the paddling pool and on the old railway line at the top of Muswell Hill could have been me !”
“I grew up here and lived here from 1974 until 1993. My family lived in Manor Grove which is the road parallel to the railway line by the station. It's changed a lot since then. ”
Mark Thomas  wrote about Around Richmond '73, '79, 1980:
“9.50, standing, in light blue shirt. Me. Thus was the Air Cadets stand. I was supposed to be in uniform but forgot black shoes. It was deemed unseemly to be in uniform wearing trainers so I had to do without.”
“A large German bomb fell on this firm in 1941. It was the second deepest (84 feet) un-exploded bomb in England, it was was finally removed in 1944. I would love to see the VHS. Croydon Museum no longer has a copy.”
“Such a lovely day, the children were so well behaved, the teachers and all the support staff really made such a great effort. It's great to look back at it all :)”
Wayne Gamble ' the skinny fella ' lol .  wrote about Mountview High School: The Video:
“Seen a few recognisable faces and the names spring to mind , I left at Easter before it closed.
Great memories and hello to anyone who remembers me , ps who remembers Mr Dewitt the PE teacher?”
Bruce Hanson  wrote about Uxbridge Past and Present:
“1960's architects and developers did more damage to our towns than the German Luftwaffe did during the war and Uxbridge is a case in point. What a lovely town it was prior to the redevelopment which knocked the stuffing and all character out of it in the name of "progress" some of those buildings were of Tudor origin and it was a crime that old buildings such as those in Cross Street were obliterated. I was a schoolboy attending The Greenway School at the time and even then was appalled at the destruction of so many fine streets,pubs and buildings ( The Eight Bells at St Andrews). It led on to Uxbridge becoming just another soulless town , a bland concrete jungle. As Cher would sing "if I could turn back time".”
Pam winmill  wrote about Barking and Dagenham Town Show 2:
“Im the girl riding the bike that looks like a wagon”

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