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“My parents Gordon and Lee Luxton both taught at the boys and girls school respectively. My grandmother Olive Crombie was the secretary at the girls school.”
“I'm in the 1973 video at bisham Abbey in the red top and brown trousers brings back nice memories ”
Janice Carpenter ( nee McCafferty)  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“What a fabulous film. So many memories and it was lovely to see the places I remember with fondness. Born in 1952 and lived in St Mary’s Road until it was torn down in the 60’s and then in Hawthorn Road. Have watched that film several times and shared it with friends and family who used to live there. We’ve all moved to different places but are still in touch - even some friends from infants and junior schools ! I went to Rokesley Infants, then juniors and then Clemence Cave . Left Hornsey in 1974 when I got married and my mum, dad and brother John moved out in 1981. Have been back on a few occasions for a nostalgic walk about! Fantastic childhood in Hornsey. Have just booked a ticket for a guided tour of Hornsey Town Hall.”
Isabel  wrote about Lambeth Walk I:
“I remember the toy shop so well! Lots of happy memories of going there with my mother. Still have at least one following that I was.boight from there in the 60s. ”
John McCafferty  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“This was a great find thankyou for sharing.
Although I wasn't born until 1960 which was probably the year after this film was shot. but i do remember the area very well as a child, Crouch End Broadway with the Clock Tower, Town Hall, Park Road Swimming Pools with that refreshing Fountain, Hornsey High Street, Went and lived in Hornsey and Muswell Hill in the 60's & 70's sadly moved out in the early 80's due to work commitments and worked at Alexandra Palace for the BBC when they were using the Studio's too make progammes for the Open University so i occasionally pay visits too the area as i have never after all these years lost any effection for any of it & this film holds so many memories of growing up here. Thanks so much once again.”
“My Dad lived as we did at 15 Lawn Farm Grove for 47 years ,changed a lot over the years ,Trying to find out more about the old Farms ,Don Bennett lived in one ,and then in the Bungalow top of Rose Lane in Billet Road as you turn Left at The Harrow pub ?
Patrick Mill  wrote about War Records: Heston and Isleworth:
“I well remember the fire bomb raid that destroyed many large shops along the High Street. The country was unprepared for this new type of bombing. The small incendiary bombs were dropped in large numbers, smashed through tiled roofs and went off in the loft spaces often used for storage. Before anyone was aware the shops were ablaze. Following this the system of fire watchers was set up to guard buildings which were otherwise empty at night. Older school boys took turns to spend nights protecting their schools.
I was seven and my father had decided to get me away to somewhere safer. By coincidence we were setting out the morning after the raid took place and we picked our way over a maze of fire hoses to get to Hounslow East station.
Masses of broken timber recovered from bomb sites were held as a huge pile on open ground at Bridge Road. People could take this to use as fuel. The whole lot went up in flames from the bombs!
Our trip to look for safety was unsuccessful and we came back to the bombs that evening.
Incidentally the Dentist cum filmmaker, Dr Mandeville was my Father’s dentist and my Father was an air raid warden.”
Cliff Pester  wrote about Woodside Brickworks (Croydon):
“ What a great find, and very interesting. My father and grandfather both worked at Woodside Brick Works in the 50's. Granddad's name was John (Jack) Pester, and my dad's was Ron Pester. ”
Georgina fraser  (a LocalEyes cataloguer) wrote about Clubland Activities of the 1950s and 60s:
“It was great adventure
We all had a lovely Easter
In France Wissant seems like
Yesterday ”
Carol Dudley nee Curtis  wrote about Woodside Brickworks (Croydon):
“My dad worked in the brickworks from 1949 until he was killed in an accident there in 1964. We lived in Meadvale Rd in a house owned by the brickworks.”

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