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Stuart Evans  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“I have lived in Perth, Western Australia since 1971, l was born in Muswell Hill and lived in Turnpike Lane until I moved to Stroud Green in1950. These images bring back so many memories of Hornsey in the fifties and sixties. In those days you walked everywhere and absorbed every street scene, brilliant!!! ”
Anon  wrote about Echocardiography :
“The foremost cardiologist of his time. Derek is a British intellect and a class of his own. His contribution to the cardiovascular and echocardiography science has been well recognised internationally from the US to the Far East. He is one of the rare British intellects whose work has been mostly based on selfless giving.
“born 1952 and lived on Rose Lane in first council houses built after the war.I can remember the o.a.p.bungalows being built in Padnall Road at the back of our house with me in a photo. Also the newer houses on the other side of Rose Lane which was just one open stretch of rough ground where we all played.Great film.”
Beverley Vankoningsveld  wrote about Edmonton's Charter Presentation:
“Thomas Harington, mayor of Edmonton, was my great grandfather. His mayoress was not in fact his wife but his daughter, Elsie”
“I went to Northumberland Heath from 1952 to 1955.
Remember the weightlifter Mr. Weltman who lifted over
300lbs above his head. Fred Sparkes the music teacher,
I recognised Alan Styles ( on saxophone?) Michael Lang on the drums and quite a few of the teachers.”
Carole Fleckney Nee Ginn  wrote about Southgate, Middlesex, England, in the Year 1950:
“My grandfather was john Ginn and have memories of him and my grandmother in the areas shown on this film although I was not born until 1954”
“The house of venus was a hairdressers in woolwich in the 1962 onward era. can anyone who was one of the staff at that time perhaps let me know and where i can contact them”
Marilyn Peppett ne Blanche if anyone remembers my name at campsbourne.  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“Loved watching this film it bought so many memories of my young days being bought up in northview road hornsey and going to campsbourne school nightingale lane, lovely footage of muswell hill too.”
“If this is what I think it is, i.e. The Lumiere & Son Production, commissioned by the Waterman's Arts Centre and set in Kew Gardens, then I was in it as an A-Level Drama student. It was an awesome piece.”
brian  (a LocalEyes cataloguer) wrote about Fire! October 1963:
“one of the fire appliances leaving , has what looks like the number 26 on the side , which was B26 which was Bethnal green fire station

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