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Gill Walsh (was Gillian Wing)  wrote about Schools Cruise Uganda 225:
“I was on this cruise - a pupil from Coombe Girls School”
“This side of the railway most children went to St Anthony's. On VJ day I was on the other side of the track at 28 Anerley Stn Rd, father's car was in one of the lockup garages just before the newsagents as one went down the road. All our family went to Malcolm Primary.”
Linda Rayner (Payne)  wrote about Schools Cruise Uganda 225:
“I was on this Cruise, a pupil at Wallington High School for Girls.”
Richard  wrote about Schools Cruise Uganda 225:
“The SS Uganda - happy memories sailing on her in 1976”
Martin Ross  wrote about St Mary's Bay:
“We lived on the site between 1968 and 1974, my mother was head cook and I as a seven year old boy use to help make the many gallons of coco for the guest.
The most happiest time of my life.
Wendy Winfield (nee Nias)  wrote about Heston and Isleworth Charter Celebrations, 3rd October 1932:
“I don't know anything about the film, but H.J. Nias was my grandfather. I was born in 1933, and well remember how my grandfather loved telling the story of the day. He was a big show-off, and he loved to recount stories of riding round the borough in an open landau, sharing questionably dirty stories with HRH, though when we were children he was with King George V in his story. ”
Marilyn kavanagh nee Ball  wrote about Miss Sharman's Childrens Homes, Sydenham:
“I had a friend there in 1954 her name was Carol Dowle I lost touch when they moved .would love to hear from anyone that knew her we went to Alexandra school ”
Alice Dass  wrote about St Mary's Bay:
“ I remember spending a week here in 1955 with my primary school. I particularly remember the birds roosting on the roof beams above the trestle tables in the dining hall. We were all so scared that they would crap on our food!”
Colin  wrote about Beauty in the Borough:
“This wonderful film brings back many memories as I lived above the labour party rooms in Middle Lane up to the age of 7 between 1947 - 1954. I still go back now and again to have a walk around the area.”
Ben FALAT (1964-71)  (a LocalEyes cataloguer) wrote about St Olave's on Horselydown:
“During the first week (month?) of my time at the school (Sep'64) another boy was killed in an accident.
He ran around the corner (from kitchens to front) and straight into the rear platform of a coal lorry which was reversing along the front.
[doubtless some media coverage ?]

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