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“Depending on whether this was the Dagenham Town Show Carnival or the Barking Carnival. I was Playleader Queen for Heath Park, leg in plaster for the Barking Carnival 1965”
Christine  wrote about Barking and Dagenham Town Show 2:
“My dad drove a float in the 60s for barking carnival it was the old woman who lived in a shoe but I can't see the name on the lorry he worked for L Watkinson and son scrap metal they had a yard in river road
Would love to find out if that was him ”
“The "large blue building" described on Canvey Island was the King Canute pub (now closed). The little thatched cottage the family then pose by is one of Canvey's original dutch cottages, built in 1621. I believe that this is 1 of only 2 remaining, the other being the dutch cottage museum.”
Ian Simmons  wrote about Of Monsters And Miracles:
“This was an exhibition of the alleged material evidence for strange phenomena that I curated for the Fortean Times in partnership with Croydon Clocktower in 1995. I still have all the research files and still write for FT and curate exhibitions”
Marie Sandford  wrote about Downham - A Home in the Country:
“Iam sure the lady who lived in filedside road was my friends my mrs Taylor ”
“This is a revealing behind the scenes film following Prof Nancy Rothwell and the Ri and BBC production teams in the 3 months leading up to the 1998 series of the Royal institution Christmas lectures, Staying Alive: the body in balance, broadcast on BBC2.”
Gina  wrote about Lambeth Walk I:
“Wow.....amazing memories & my mum knew Emily Farr or Emmie Farr as she called her ”
Anon  wrote about Bexley Jubilee:
“This is an amazing film!”
Geoff Parish  wrote about Uxbridge Past and Present:
“I worked at the Stage 1 Uxbridge Central Area Redevelopment from 1968 to 1969 when the contractor Tersons went bust and was taken over by Robert McAlpine. The project manager was Adrian Langley. We
had touble fitting the project into the space available - at one stage it jutted out into the High Street. It was eventually sorted out but a corner was close to the Catholic church at the back and we ended up cutting off the existing road access around the church. We removed a road running from the high street back to the church and put a 4 ft 6 inch piling auger through the telephone connections running under the road. GPO engineers spent weeks putting the telphone wires together which ran through the 'Golden Manhole', it had that name. It apparently was part of the connection between Whitehall and High Wycombe where the government would go if nuclear war broke out between the US and the USSR - Happy Days”
C Ridley  wrote about Southgate Celebrates the Coronation:
“Hello. Southgate mayor Charles Ridley who is, according to the description, one of the dignitaries in attendance at the ceremony, was my grandfather.”

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