Reminiscence Screenings

Our London: A Bigger Picture project has developed a new and exciting initiative, with a series of special archive film programmes we’ve been screening for local dementia-friendly groups.

London: A Bigger Picture is running special Reminiscence Screenings for dementia groups, cafes and hubs around London.


The screening programme is divided into two short sections, covering topics such as childhood, sport and work, using archive films from each our partner 15 boroughs as well as iconic scenes from around London. We have activities and games to make this group interactive and engaging for all.

These screenings are free and an excellent opportunity for carers and people living with dementia to share stories and be entertained in a relaxed and safe environment.

Bring a screening to your local dementia group

Our screening events are a fabulous way of using London’s Screen Archives’ films and local archive’s resources to create a unique experience for dementia community groups.

Why not consider inviting us to your local dementia friendly gathering or event? We can tailor sections of our programme for your group and all events are relaxed, fun and entertaining.

If you’d like to hold an event or know of a dementia group that would be interested, please get in touch.

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